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Massage Therapy Services

Fire and Ice Massage

This massage hits the spot.  We'll treat your aches and pains with the therapeutic Fire effect of our heated Basalt Rocks, and add the Ice effect of Cryoderm, a cold therapy spot treatment to target those areas that really need attention.  Sore muscles, an aching back, stressed out shoulders or that old soccer injury... we'll tend to your specific areas of need with icy / hot therapy in this special Hot Stone massage. 

60 minutes: $102

90 minutes: $148

Hot Stone Massage

Heated Basalt Rocks infuse comfort and radiate warmth into the body, unlocking deep muscle tension, increasing circulation, while leaving you in total relaxation.  The Hot Stone Massage is just what you need to decrease stress, tension and stiffness.  You'll feel both recharged and relaxed after this wonderful treatment.

60 minutes: $95

90 minutes: $138

The Rainbow Maker® CBD Massage

Find out why everyone is digging the CBD experience!  Envelop your body in rainbows of relaxation while your therapist massages you with Farmhouse Fresh Rainbow Maker® CBD Oil to nourish your skin and bring instant luminosity.  Crafted with unique heat-activation, this is the perfect treat after hitting the slopes, walking the pup or shoveling the sidewalk.  Enjoy the warm and tingly feeling as massage friction heightens the heating sensation of the CBD oil.  You'll drift off in a cloud of cannabinoids while you enjoy the light, earthy scent of black currant, musk and vanilla, loved by men and women alike.

60 minutes: $95

90 minutes: $135

Ultimate Swedish Massage

A Swedish Massage is a classic, full-body massage for those looking to fully unwind.  Your therapist will use long, gliding strokes and a mixture of both firm and gentle pressure in order to relax your entire body.  The Swedish Massage helps to increase levels of oxygen in the blood, decrease toxins in the body, and improve overall circulation.

60 minutes: $85

90 minutes: $115

The Duo Massage

Enjoy the Ultimate Swedish Massage together (or upgrade to Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, or Hot Stone).  The Duo Massage allows you and your partner, bestie or favorite family member to enjoy a moment of wellbeing, side by side, in a double treatment room.  Learn to live in the moment as you share this unique relaxation experience of wellness, harmony and energy.

60 minutes: $180

90 minutes: $240

Therapeutic Massage

The Therapeutic Massage incorporates a variety of massage techniques to help improve flexibility, reduce pain, and improve specific problem areas or conditions.  Your therapist will expertly apply techniques specific to your needs, with the goal of rejuvenation for both the body and the mind.

60 minutes: $90

90 minutes: $125

Prenatal Massage

Using proven techniques that improve circulation, ease muscle discomfort, calm the nervous system, increase positive energy, and promote peaceful sleep, this massage was created specifically for mothers-to-be.  The Prenatal Massage promotes relaxation and relieves muscle tension during the second and third trimester.  (Hint, hint:  this massage makes the most perfect baby shower gift.)

60 minutes: $95

Deep Tissue Massage

It's intense.  The Deep Tissue Massage involves deep pressure in specific areas of the body to pinpoint and work chronic muscle tension.  Your therapist will provide focused, targeted relief to the depths of your sore, tense or tired muscles.  You'll feel limber and recharged, and your body will thank you.

60 minutes: $100

90 minutes: $145

Reiki: Full session or add to service 

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes self healing and relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch.  Your practitioner works with the energy lines in the body, placing hands either directly on you or just above to direct healing energy.  Choose the 60 minute Reiki session, or ask for Reiki as a 30 minute add-on to any massage or facial.

60 minutes: $90

30 minute add-on to facial or massage: $35

Cupping: Add to any massage

A modality using suction from plastic and silicone cups placed on a specific area of the body.  Cupping reduces pain and muscle tension while also improving circulation.  Please see cupping pre- and post-care instructions before reserving.  High demand - please schedule in advance!

Add to 60 minute massage: $15

Add to 90 minute massage: $20

Facial Cupping: Add to any massage

A form of lymphatic massage employed to drain the lymphatic vessels within the face and chest region.  Please see cupping pre- and post-care instructions before reserving.  Due to high demand, please request this service in advance of your appointment!

Add to 60 minute massage: $15

Add to 90 minute massage: $20

All prices are subject to change.

Massage Therapy services are available for those 18 and over.

Cupping Therapy: 

If you have any health conditions,

a doctor's clearance may be required for this service.

Do not shave or exfoliate the area before your session.

Cupping leaves bruising that may last 3-6 weeks. 

Acute skin sensitivity to temperature may develop.

Please avoid hot showers, saunas or cold temperatures after your session.

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