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Manicures and Pedicures

Treat yourself to an Ellicottville Oasis Day Spa Manicure or Pedicure.  Whether for a special event, or simply to look and feel your everyday best, our nail techs will make you shine.  Ask about our nail art, too!

Make it an ULTIMATE MANICUREYour manicure expert will also treat you to a gentle exfoliation treatment and a hydrating hand mask to refresh and polish your skin.

Or how about an ULTIMATE PEDICURE?  Pick it up a notch with a moisturizing foot mask, hot towels and a soothing foot massage.

Ultimate style: add $10 to service.

 French style:  add $10.

Removal of gel nail polish: add $10 to service.

We do not provide "polish change only" services at this time.

We do not do "dips" nor provide any services for acrylic nails (including removal of acrylic nails).

Please refrain from shaving 48 hours before body treatments to avoid irritation or reaction.

The Oasis Spa Manicure

A treat for your hands, the Oasis Spa Manicure includes a hand massage, then cuticle care, nail shaping and final finish with a beautiful polish.


Shellac Gel Manicure

If you are looking for a long-lasting polish with a mirror shine and no dry time, this is the manicure for you.  We'll use an LED light to instantly cure your professional finish... no wait time! 


Our Winter Worthy Pedicure

 Bring on the snow!  Embrace the chilly weather with this Ultimate Pedicure. It starts off with a Roasted Chestnut Bath Fizzler®.  Then you can choose Butter Rum or Bourbon Bubbler Scrub as an exfoliant. Finish with your choice of either Red Hot Shandy or Vanilla Body Oil for a warm, natural glow, followed by your preference of polish.  This festively-themed ultimate pedicure features Farmhouse Fresh® naturally harvested products.

(Ultimate Upgrade included in price) $65

Shellac: $77

The Oasis Spa Pedicure

Instant relief for well travelled feet.  The Oasis Spa Pedicure includes cuticle care and a hydrating and relieving foot massage your feet will delight in.  This pedicure finishes with nail shaping and the perfect polish.


Oasis CBD Pedicure

The EVL CBD Pedicure

It's an Ultimate style pedicure that just became even better... with CBD!

Enjoy our full spectrum Hi-Bio® Hemp-Infused CBD Fizzler foot bath and nourishing Mellow Moon Dip®  Relaxation Body Mousse with CBD treatment for your grateful feet, finished with toes polished to perfection.  A moon dip and a starry polish come together for a heavenly pedicure.  This is an Ellicottville favorite!

(Ultimate Upgrade included in price) $67

Shellac: $79

Shellac Gel Pedicure

We'll use a hybrid polish cured with an LED light.  This allows for a mirror finish with no drying time!  Perfect for those who want a fast-curing, professional finish.


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CBD Pedicures
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