Manicures and Pedicures

Treat yourself to an Ellicottville Oasis Day Spa Manicure or Pedicure.  Whether for a special event, or simply to look and feel your everyday best, our nail techs will make you shine.  Ask about our nail art, too!

The Oasis Spa Manicure

A treat for your hands, the Oasis Spa Manicure includes a luxurious soak, gentle exfoliation, a relaxing hot towel and a hand massage.  Then the cuticle care, nail shaping and final finish with a beautiful polish.


French: $42

The Oasis Ultimate Manicure

Add a soothing, deeply-hydrating and repairing serum to the Oasis Spa Manicure, and you have the Ultimate Manicure.  Your manicure expert will also treat you to a hydrating hand mask and a professional polish.


French: $50

Shellac Gel Manicure

If you are looking for a long-lasting polish with a mirror shine, and with no dry time... this is the manicure for you.  Using an LED light, you'll enjoy a 14-day professional finish with no chips, smudges or nicks. 


French: $50

The Winter Pedicure

The Winter Pedicure is a delight for the senses.  Your feet will feel the comfort of a warm bath with our Roasted Chestnut Bath Bomb, followed by the refreshing treatment of our Butter Rum Body Scrub.  Then, a foot massage using Vanilla Bourbon Oil, with soft, warm notes of Madagascar vanilla and freshly distilled small batch Texas bourbon to invigorate, hydrate and sooth.   It's a wonderful treat for winter soles.


Winter Pedicure + Shellac: $77

The Oasis Spa Pedicure

Instant relief for well travelled feet.  The Oasis Spa Pedicure includes cuticle care and a hydrating and relieving foot massage your feet will delight in.  This pedicure finishes with nail shaping and the perfect polish.


French: $56

The Oasis Ultimate Pedicure

The Oasis Ultimate Pedicure picks it up a notch with a moisturizing foot mask, hot towels and a soothing foot massage.


French: $66

Oasis CBD Pedicure

CBD Ultimate Pedicure

Our Ultimate Pedicure just became even better... with CBD!

Help your feet to our full spectrum Hi-Bio® Hemp-Infused CBD Fizzler and nourishing Mellow-Moon Dip Body Mousse in our new CBD Ultimate Pedicure.  It's an Oasis favorite!


Shellac Gel Pedicure

Using a hybrid polish, cured with an LED light.  This cures to a mirror finish with no drying time.  The Shellac Gel provides a long-lasting 14-day polish with no nicks, chips or smudges.


French: $68

Oasis CBD Shine Pedicure

CBD Ultimate Shellac Pedicure

Our signature Ultimate + Shellac Gel Pedicure along with our new full spectrum Hi-Bio® Hemp-infused CBD Fizzler and nourishing Mellow-Moon Dip Body Mousse.  It's the stuff of dreams!